About My FG-150

I think I’ll write it about my YAMAHA FG-150.

The one most conspicuous for the outward appearance of the guitar is the case that painting under pickguard has come off.

I refined to the fullest by a polish once in 3 months, so the color of the guitar was being amber color.

There is a carved seal as 41.11.30 inside this guitar, and it seems to have made on November 30, 1966.

It was bought at an auction in April, 2016, so it’s the 4th year soon after I begin to use it.

When having this guitar in the hand for the first time, the whole was laundered in the state made long fact neglect. And I had a specialist adjust a neck part.

The person who repaired informed me that this guitar was striking frets again.

The height of the 1st string is 2.0mm and 6th strings is 2.0mm in the part of 12th fret.(Very good condition!)

When saying a trouble, 3rd strings often break.Always when reducing a string, it breaks.(When not playing, I reduce a string.)

I think a ditch of a nut is a problem, it’s an old guitar, so I stand and use it.

I think it’s fact that sound becomes good when I’m playing the guitar long time.

When it was being played noisily so often, it started to ring per 1 year later.

1st or 2nd string of high-pitched ringing was being good sound.

It’s such feeling, so when there is time, I’m playing this guitar.




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