1. I have restored a used YAMAHA FG-150! won a YAMAHA FG-150 at an auction after a long time and restored it.…

  2. All single board manufactured the same time as “a light green label” / YAMAHA No,120…

  3. “To Each His Own” AMERICA cover

    A song I like very much called "To Each His Own" w…

  4. Singing with FG-150 “Like a Sad Song” John Denver cover

    I thought I'll record self-accompaniment of FG-150…

  5. Changing the string and cleaning the body

    The temperature is becoming hot day by day, a…

  6. About My FG-150

  7. YAMAHA FG-150 About maintenance in the winter & the last greeting in 2019

  8. About Nashville Tuning (Martin MSPHT10)

  9. I Played FG-150 by recording2

  10. I played FG-150 by recording!



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