Changing the string and cleaning the body

The temperature is becoming hot day by day, and it’s summer soon. I use YAMAHA Super Light from first this year. But,I decided to use Martin Phosphor bronze.So,I try to change the string.My Favorite string is Martin M535 Custom Light.

Remove the string,I found the high frets were little bit dirty.So,I clean them.

For cleaning, I use an abrasive called Pikal. I usually use this to polish a metal.

I mask a wooden part of a neck by a masking tape.

It’s the degree which grinds the surface lightly this time, so I make abrasive sink into a tissue, and refines.(When being heavily soiled, I use electric router.See fret polishing

I wiped up a neck board with orange oil. Also,I wiped up the bottom piece part which isn’t painted is also the same rosewood as a neck.

I apply spray-type wax to a body part and refine by a crossing. Martin’s guitar polish is used for a top board. For the side and the back board,I use SMITH PRO FORMURA POLISH.

I strung the body which became clean. I think I’ll use it for recording right away.



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