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When the winter smell goes off (Ballad Station Edition)

It snowed in Tokyo on March 29, 2020. It was the snow which is to the extent a snowman can also be made with the turn of the house, and was healed by the view making a snowman with a parent and child ahead of the garden. The world is going to be a virus trouble and be serious, stop in the house, it was 1 day when I look at snow from a window by a notification of a government.

The music I like very much is played by a guitar(FG-150) of using  today. And I feel passing winter quietly.

“When the winter smell goes off.” for, it’s the ballade song Chihomi ishihara is singing by self-accompaniment of a piano and evokes painful feeling with everything for me born at a snowy district, the song I like very much.



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