August, 2017

  1. In amateur way, Curve correction of a neck

    This guitar is YAMAHA FG-110 bought at a certain auction.A neck is an order curve and there is more than 5 mm of…

  2. Is the re-gluing of a broken neck possible?

    It has broken-.FG-150 bought at a certain auct…

  3. Duo Play using ’60s and ’70s FG-150 is the movie us…

  4. Let’s play red label 60’s body and 70’s body!'s play red lab…

  5. The guitar Miss Sakura Fujiwara playing!

    The guitar Miss Sakura Fujiwara playing by a J…

  6. It’s unattractive looking, but sound is very good!

  7. YAMAHA FG-150,are the red label and the light green label really different?

  8. FG-150 Specification another rod comparison!

  9. Fret polish

  10. Label


Guitar Samples

  1. FG-150 S/No,559XXX

  2. FG-150 S/No,569XXX

  3. FG-150 S/No,593XXX

  4. FG-150 S/No,599XXX

  5. FG-150 S/No,611XXX

  6. FG-150 S/No,613XXX

  7. FG-150 S/No,642XXX

  8. FG-150 S/No,803XXX

  9. FG-150 S/No.892XXX

FG-150 仕様 -spec-

  1. Pegs

  2. Head Logo

  3. Label

  4. Truss Rod Covers

  5. PicGuard

歴史 -History-