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  1. I sung “if” (BREAD).

    I was making a setup by Nashville tuning last time, so I changed the strings of FG-150 into Martin custom light M535.I…

  2. About Nashville Tuning (Martin MSPHT10)

    Martin's strings for Nashville tuning "MSPHT…

  3. I Played FG-150 by recording2

    I played Yamaha FG-150 by recording of some song, …

  4. I played FG-150 by recording!

    I played FG− 150 by recording of commercial music…

  5. What a Wonderful FG World…

  6. Repair method of a suddle

  7. Cleaning of pegs

  8. Repair method of a pic-guard

  9. I played my favorite YAMAHA FG-110 & FG-150

  10. It’s during sample additional work now!


Guitar Samples

  1. FG-150 S/No,559XXX

  2. FG-150 S/No,569XXX

  3. FG-150 S/No,593XXX

  4. FG-150 S/No,599XXX

  5. FG-150 S/No,611XXX

  6. FG-150 S/No,613XXX

  7. FG-150 S/No,642XXX

  8. FG-150 S/No,803XXX

  9. FG-150 S/No.892XXX

FG-150 仕様 -spec-

  1. Pegs

  2. Head Logo

  3. Label

  4. Truss Rod Covers

  5. PicGuard

歴史 -History-