Light Green Label

The label stuck on a manufactured individual in 1967 from sale beginnings and 1966.

Early Red Label

The label stuck on an individual in 1967.
The character of “YANAHA GUITAR” is a square logo.

This label was stuck on an individual with a specification like a light green label and an individual in a red label early stage.

(Late ) Red Label

A usual so-called red label.

The character of “YAMAHA GUITAR” is a chief body logo.

From something of 1968 year making to the last in 1972.A red label with this shape was used.

Additional Information:Label of illusion

Prototype? It’s said that this label was used for the individual similar to FG-150 light green label it seems.

Aiso,”F-110″ label was used for FG-180 light green label….
(It’s unconfirmed information, but, 、、、)


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