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More than about 50 years have passed since a FG series of YAMAHA, FG-150 and FG-180 were sold.

Information about FG-150 is often raised as a blog and a fan site on the net.

I may not be able to have started a site and have concerned as a neophyte.

I have been strong in the expectation I like and have begun this site.

Information will be sent after I’ll make sure by myself as neatly as possible but I think there is also a wrong part.

I’d like to make it FG-150 fan site for everyone, so if there are your advice and comment, please tell it.

If there are a reflection of information and FG-150 you have and an episode, I should be very much obliged if you tell me.

Thank you.

(August 20, 2017)

With fee, please.

The contents which are an article in case of site making, I’m consulting an article on the book or the net.

A source was recorded on the following at the reach I know about that.

I’ll consult and thank you very much truly.

When I’ll consult the contents, it’s the contents which don’t violate the Copyright Act and carries it as a free information sending site.

If there is a point that you oppose or notice, please make a contact.

This make a contact, please.


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When inspecting about a serial number and a way, I’m consulting very much.

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  • Books Vintage Guitars Vol,6[Marugoto Yamaha FG]


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